Handmade Herbal Soap

Handmade Herbal Soap


All soaps start with Olive oil and Coconut oils, goats milk, various clays, herbs and essential oils unless otherwise noted

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Currently available soaps:

Lavender  - Soft lavender scent with Bulgarian lavender essential oil and a lavender clay

Citrus Sunrise - Various citrus essential oils with yellow and green clay, and Coconut Milk for a luxurious bar.

Fresh Cut Cedar - Cedarwood essential oil with green clay and charcoal. Great bar for the manly man and can be used as a cover scent soap for the hunters!

Charcoal Facial Bar -  Scented with Rosemary and Lemon essential oils. Full of charcoal and goats milk for an amazing facial while you wash.

Hemp Euphoria - Hemp seed oil added for skin nourishment, scented in patchouli and cedarwood essential oils

Calendula Oatmeal - Oils infused with Calendula petals, and finely ground oats. Slightly exfoliating and unscented for sensitive skin.

Flower Shop- Smells like walking into your local florist shop. Rose colored clay gives it a soft and smooth lather.

Balsam & Vanilla - Smells just like the holidays! (uses Essential oils and fragrance oil)

Citrus & Spice - Smells like a beverage mulling on the stove.

Rosemary & Mint - A common favorite that is refreshing and a nice morning wake up.

Valor Ale Bar - A creamy amazing bar featuring Valor Ale from the local 14th Star Brewing, Clay and Goats Milk to nourish your skin - Unscented and great for sensitive skin

Broad Scrub - Great for mechanics and gardeners for those tough grubby hands! Filled with charcoal, clay, goats milk, pumice and ground walnut shells

Lemongrass - A bright and sunny nourishing bar with goats milk and clay

Other scents will become available seasonally and custom orders always accepted!